Meditating at a Zen temple

Meditating at Komyozenji in Dazaifu, Fukuoka. Click here to read about this Zen Temple.

Riding an express train

We used public transportation except 2 days in a chartered micro bus. Food and beverages (including beer) are available on long distance express trains.
We also use the Shinkansen(Bullet Train).


Posted by PicasaMiyajima Tori Gate (53 feet high) in water, UNESCO World Heritage site. You can walk to the gate in low tide.

Tea ceremony

Exclusive visit to a private residence for an informal tea ceremony mixing green powdered tea with hot water using a bamboo whisk.

Nishiki market, Kyoto

Nishiki Market is a Kitchen of Kyoto. A long street of various goods; food, tea, knives, flowers, small restaurants etc. Click here.

150 year old inn

Just below Mt. Aso active volcano, this 150 year old inn sits high on a nearby mountain. There are 7 outdoor hotspring bathing areas and 4 indoor. Mineral rich hot spring water cures many ailments. Bathing in Japan is not just for cleansing but for relaxation as well. Click here to learn more about hot spring bathing (Onsen).
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Organic farm lunch, Kuju

Posted by PicasaAbout 20 different varieties of organic food are served. Menu varies according to season.